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Tubes Tossed

Two weeks ago today, I had my surgery and this has been a great day. I had another doctor’s appointment and last night my drainage tubes combined were at 23 cc’s of fluid. Anything less than 25 ccs in a 24 hour time frame means that the drainage tubes could come out and they did! This made my day!

While I was worried about the pain that this may cause, it was super easy and not nearly as bad as I had imagined. The staff, once again was awesome and concerned about my pain concern. The nurse told me she would have another nurse assist so I would only have to go through it all once. With Paul holding my hand, they told me to take a deep breath and count to 2. On the count of 3, I should exhale and they would pull the tubes out. I honestly didn’t feel them until the tubes left my body and their was a little stinging. I was told to expect it and it was over in a few seconds. The relief of having these removed was huge! I felt so much better physically and mentally.

I do have an area of concern on my left side and to be safe, the doctor put me on another round of antibiotics to be sure that there is no infection. I have another appointment on Friday to see if the redness has started to disappear. This is fairly common and the good dr. is taking all the precautions.

I went home for lunch and then my mom-in-law picked me up for a trip to Target to get the scripts filled. I was so excited to put on normal clothing! I was so excited to just leave the house for something besides a doctor appointment. We spent 45 minutes in the store picking up Father’s Day cards, a birthday card for Paul’s grandmother who will be 95 this weekend, and a few other things. The trip exhausted me. I had no idea how much it would tire me out but in a good way. I am so glad to be rid of the tubes and bulbs! The healing continues and while I still have not been released to come back to work, I suspect that I will be back to work before the end of June.

Thanks everyone for your constant prayers, cards, fb posts and chats. It means more than you will ever know!


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  1. singleshot1 said:

    Great news about the drains coming out and so happy you didn’t have much pain when they took ’em. I’d heard that part can be painful, as well, but I didn’t have any issues with it, either.

    Also, I had to wear my drains until I got a combined 30ccs in a day so I ended up with the lousy things for about a week longer tan you. Isn’t it a relief to have them gone? I felt like dancing (truth be told, I actually went to my tap dancing class with the damn things in – stuffed down the front of my yoga pants). ; ) Anyway, just thought I’d pop on and let you know how happy I am for you and how much I appreciate the comments you’ve left for me over on Take care and keep me posted on everything!


    P.S. One more thing … you may have to go back 1-2 times to get “aspirated,” get some of the fluid removed now that the drains are gone. If you start to notice what my nurses called “waterbed boobs,” i.e., swelling that wobbles a little when you tap the skin, then call your doc.

  2. Bernice said:

    Glad things are going well!!! Keep up the positive attitude!!! Will keep the good thoughts and many prayers coming your way!!

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