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Today is day two of being at home. Paul has taken up residency on the air mattress and brings me my meds around the clock. The last two nights I was awake when he brought them to me. Funny how the body knows when it is time for pain killers. Pain killers, antibiotics, muscle relaxers, vitamins. In one sitting, I will take up to 9 pills. But they work and I’m not complaining.

The home health care nurse paid us a visit this morning to change the dressings and the bandages around the drainage tubes. I only have two tubes and they look great. This is good news for me because the color is getting lighter and the output is less so I may be able to ditch the drains by my dr. appt. on Wed and/or Thurs. I have also taken myself off the hydro-codone because I have developed a rash. We thought this may happen but it was better than the alternative the first few days of surgery because I needed my rest.

I was more tired today than yesterday and took a few more naps. I am overwhelmed by the people who have offered to help. While the nurse was here, my neighbor Amy mowed our yard. It brought tears to my eyes as Amy and I haven’t talked much due to our schedules but were bunko buddies a few years ago. This was truly a gift for Paul today. Another friend stopped by with sweet breads, cookie dough for the freezer – to make later and other treats. Someone left a surprise in my door the day before surgery that included a People magazine, fun noise making button and treats. Thank you !

My parents have made great meals and this has allowed me to focus on getting better and rest. And now, it’s medication time again.


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  1. Cindy Clark said:

    Dawn, I was thinking about you today and decided to check out your blog. WOW! I didn’t realize all that you had been going through and still walked tall with a smile on your face. You are a very strong woman. Reading through this brings tears to my eyes. I want you to know you are on my church prayer chain and in my thoughts and prayers for quick recovery. Take care-Love Cindy Clark

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