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On May 4, 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was discovered through a core needle biopsy that took five tissue samples from a lump that I and my doctors have been tracking for several months. Since August, I have had several mammograms, ultrasounds and a needle aspiration. I thought that this was another fluid filled cyst like the one I had in August and it would be a simple in office procedure to rid me of the lump. I was wrong.

I have pondered writing a blog in the past but never thought I would have the time to keep up. After last Thursday, I know that I need to document my own journey and keep you all updated. I’ll do this a few ways through facebook, an occasional tweet (still not into that yet), text messages and for the full story, right here on I contemplated Caring Bridge but my recent experience with that site is that it is for the dying. I plan on being around for a long time. A friend told me the other day that if God brings you to it, He will see you through it. I have had several dark days in the last week and while I’m not convinced that God is here with me now, I have been a faith believer for far to long to think that he has abandoned me. Maybe the footprints in the sand bit is true. I feel like I can only see one pair of prints right now and that’s because I’m being carried and don’t realize it yet.

I hope to use this forum to literally “get it off my chest”. I thank my friend and co-worker Dan for suggesting such a great blog title.  I suspect that some days my posts will turn your stomach, make you smile and hopefully laugh out loud, or provide information that I’m getting through this ordeal.


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